Certification (Certification is valid for 2 years)

In an continuing effort to facilitate the process of USJF Teachers Institute Teachers Certification  and those wishing to maintain their USJF Teachers Certification through re-certification, may do so through our distance learning (online) process.

You will find the chapters to be informative and useful in your instruction of our most valued commodity, our students. The chapters begin with a related story, then information bite size bits of information. The chapters cover Judo History, Judo Philosophy, Ethics in Judo, Judo Biomechanics, Teaching Tools, Lesson Planning, Planning Effective Practices, Systematized Teaching systems, and Recognizing Tachi-waza and Ne-waza Techniques.

What are benefits of certification and re-certification for Sensei's and Teacher's

Active certification benefits include:

  • Permission to use the title "USJF Certified Teacher" in advertising and promoting services.
  • Inquiries received by the USJF National Office for qualified teacher will be referred to the nearest certified teacher in the area.

Levels of Certification

  • USJF Master Teacher Certification: Individuals with previous Teacher certifications from USJF, USJA, USA Judo.
  • USJF Teacher Certification: Individuals with NO previous Teacher certifications from USJF, USJA, USA Judo.
  • All certifications are valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

If you have any question, the USJF National Office will be able to answer your questions.

Certification Fee: $100.00

Recertification Program - Master Teacher Certification (Certification is valid for 2 years)

Teaching standards, certifications, and accountability have been buzzwords among policymakers for all the National Judo organizations for much of the past decade. Now, through the USJF Teachers Institute, we are attempting to improve the skills and knowledge of our current teachers/instructors to meet these demands.

We have augmented the Teacher-recertification process to require the candidate to complete Online course work in a more targeted professional manner.  You will find the topics and coursework for recertification interesting, topical, and immediately applicable.  Upon successful completion you will receive the USJF Master Teacher Certificate.

The candidate must select ONE of the following topics and complete the ONLINE test.

  • Judo History
  • Judo Philosophy
  • Ethics in Judo
  • Judo Biomechanics
  • Teaching Tools
  • Lesson Planning
  • Planning Effective Practices
  • Systematized Teaching systems

On behalf of the USJF Teachers Institute Committee we wish to thank you for your commitment to excellence.

Re-certification Fee: $75.00

Please send payment payable to: USJF. Upon receipt of payment,  Your user id and password will be emailed to you. The user id and password is needed to access the distance learning (online) test.


If you are participating in a USJF Teacher Certification Course, Please submit your documents here.  You must complete all required fields.


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